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  • 12 Months of Barista Blend Subscription
  • 12 Months of Barista Blend Subscription
  • 12 Months of Barista Blend Subscription

12 Months of Barista Blend Subscription

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$4.97 per litre

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The OATSIDE Barista Blend is the dairy-free alternative milk you’ve been waiting for. It’s perfectly balanced: creamy enough for a rich mouthfeel, but also neutral enough to allow your coffee and tea notes to shine through. Oh, it’s also ridiculously malty. Like, so nuttily good that you can totally have it on its own too. 

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PS: If you have a steam wand handy, froth up the silkiest, densest microfoam for perfect latte art. It’s why baristas love us. Look no further - the best oat milk for coffee (or practically everything) is here.


Oat Base (Water, Oats (10%)), Canola Oil, Acidity Regulator (Dipotassium Phosphate), Calcium Carbonate, Sea Salt

*There are no added sugars in our Barista Blend oat m*lk; all sugars are derived from oats, which naturally occur in the enzymatic process during production. Our Barista Blend contains 2.8g of sugar per 100 ml, which is less than the sugar level in usual cow’s milk.

Nutritional Information (per 100ml)

  • Energy 65 kJ
  • Protein 0.6 g
  • Fat 3.2 g
  • Carbohydrate 8.1 g
  • Sugars 2.8 g
  • Sodium 47 mg
  • Potassium 218 mg
  • Calcium 98 mg
  • Phosphorus 88 mg

Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
or temperature changes. After opening the carton, please refrigerate below 4°C and consume within 5 days.

Product Highlights
  • Made from Australian Oats
  • 100% plant-based
  • No trans fat
  • Lactose-free
  • No gums or emulsifiers
  • Sustainable

What is special about Barista Blend Oat m*lk?

Our Barista Blend Oat m*lk is the real deal, mainly because... well, we whipped it up. It has a creamy rich mouthfeel yet it is also neutral enough to let your coffee or tea take center stage.

Oh, and there’s ZERO added sugars. Yep, every tiny bit of sweetness comes from oats just doing their natural thing throughout production. And get this: Our Barista Blend only contains 2.8g of sugar per 100 ml, which is less than your regular cow’s milk. So, fancy a glass on its own? Go wild. But don't say we didn't warn you about its goodness! 

Why do people drink oat m*lk in coffee?

In the wild world of milk alternatives, oat m*lk is the new rockstar—and here’s why: First things first, if you can't handle lactose or dairy is not your jam due to some pesky allergies, we’ve got your back. It's also awesome for people who prefer a plant-based lifestyle.

But beyond that, our oat m*lk froths up easily and brings this velvety, dreamy texture that can turn your ordinary cup of joe into an extraordinary treat. It blends well with the coffee flavor, without overpowering it like some other milk alternatives might. Plus, it's often seen as a more sustainable option compared to traditional dairy milk.

Why do baristas use oat m*lk?

We totally understand how difficult it is for baristas to find that dairy alt that froths like a dream. With oat m*lk, it already has that malty kick that rides with coffee…not against it. It froths up nicely and steams like a champ, making it the real MVP for lattes and cappuccinos. And for the crew watching their intake, it's all good—no dairy, no nuts, and often rolling gluten-free* with the right oats.

As for our OATSIDE Barista Blend, it’s not just riding the hype train. It's kinder to the planet than dairy or almond and adds that creamy touch to your oat lattes and matcha recipes. 

How to froth Barista Blend Oat m*lk?

Frothing Barista Blend Oat m*lk is a breeze, and here's the quick guide. Start by chilling your oat m*lk, as it froths best cold. Give the carton a good shake then pour it into your frother, filling up to half for manual ones, or follow electric frother fill lines. Manually, pump with gusto for about 20-30 seconds. If you're using an electric or a steam wand, let it whirl till the milk doubles in volume. Desire warm froth? Heat it post-frothing, targeting 140°F to 150°F. OATSIDE Barista Blend is obviously the ultimate choice if you're aiming for that legendary froth game. 

PS: Clean your tools promptly, and you're set for the next round!

Is Barista Blend Oat m*lk suitable for latte art?

We are not going to beat around the bush any longer; we are going to say it now. Baristas adore us. OATSIDE Barista Blend Oat m*lk? It froths and steams just like cow's milk, making it a top pick for whipping up some killer lattes. Its creamy texture and ability to produce the silkiest, densest microfoam ensures that your coffee designs look stunning and hold their shape. 

*While oats are a naturally gluten-free grain, many farmers cross-crop oats with wheat in different seasons; hence there is a risk of cross-contamination with traces of gluten in oat milk. We are not certified gluten-free, but based on the tests on our oats, the gluten percentage is less than 70 ppm (parts per million.)

For people with celiac disease, it is generally recommended to only consume oats labelled gluten-free and rigorously tested to contain less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten.

Please always consult a healthcare professional before making any diet or lifestyle changes.