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  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)
  • Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)

Oat Latte Pocket Packs (24 x 200ml)

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Imagine a world where oat milk is the default in your latte. Now click add to cart for this new OATSIDE Pocket Pack. Because dreams do come true. We’ve gone out and found ourselves a unique, expertly roasted mix of coffee beans that work perfectly with the creamy, delicious goodness of our Barista Blend oat milk. The best part is that you can drink them on-the-go.

We don’t recommend drinking all 24 x 200ml OATSIDE Pocket Packs at once, but if you want to challenge yourself, we’re not going to stop you. An Oat Latte goes great with good company, so share them, but only if you want to.


Oat Base (Water, Oat (10%)). Canola Oil, Palm Sugar, Sugar, Coffee Extract, Dipotassium Phosphate Stabilizer, Calcium Carbonate, Natural Coffee Flavouring, Salt


Store in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
or temperature changes. After opening the carton, please refrigerate below 4°C and consume within 2 days.


Does oat latte oat m*lk contain caffeine?

You see, oat m*lk is just being its cool, caffeine-free self. But when you blend it with espresso, like in an oat latte, that's where the caffeine kick comes from. With OATSIDE Oat Latte, there's already a touch of coffee extract in the mix and it contains 30 mg caffeine per 100 ml. Think of it as a cosy café moment in a cup, blending creamy Barista with hints of dark chocolate, molasses, and toffee nut. Sip back and enjoy!

Are oat lattes healthy?

Oat lattes are a great pick for those ditching dairy, being lactose-free and all. They come with a little fibre bonus from the oats, making your tummy a happy camper. 

But, like any drink, keep a laid-back eye on the nutritional label, especially if you're trying to keep things on the sweeter side of healthy. And oh, there's a bit of caffeine from the espresso, perfect for that gentle pick-me-up. All in all, oat lattes? A pretty groovy choice for a sip that's both comforting and kind to your body.

How many calories are in an oat latte?

Ease into your day with OATSIDE Oat Latte. It's a delightful blend of Barista's finest, offering that comforting café-style latte sip. Drift into flavours of malty coffee with subtle whispers of dark chocolate, molasses, and toffee nut. 

With roasted Australian oats, a special blend of coffee bean extracts, and the subtle sweetness of coconut palm nectar, we've kept the sugar low and ditched any unnecessary gums or emulsifiers. 

And hey, if you're watching those calories? Here's a sweet note: just 77 calories for every 100 ml. Just remember, the actual calorie count might vary a bit based on little extras you sprinkle in. Enjoy every sip!

Does oat m*lk make a good latte?

Oh, for sure! oat m*lk's natural sweetness and the rich, creamy texture it adds make for an excellent match with espresso. It froths up realllll good, giving you that silky-smooth mouthfeel we all crave in a latte. Plus, for those looking to cut back on dairy, oat m*lk is a great alternative. 

So, if you're thinking of jazzing up your coffee routine, an oat m*lk latte might just be your next favourite jam.