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  • BIG Pocket Bag
  • BIG Pocket Bag

BIG Pocket Bag

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1 BIG Pocket Bag can hold 6 OATSIDE Pocket Packs


2 Barista Blends, 2 Chocolates, 2 Oat Lattes.
6 Chocolates.
4 Oat Lattes, 1 Chocolate, 1 Barista Blend.
5 Barista Blends, 1 Oat Latte.
3 Oat Lattes, 2 Barista Blends, 1 Chocolate.

You do the math. We’ll bring the oat milk.

Whichever way you swing (in this case 'sling'), our limited edition OATSIDE BIG Pocket bag holds up to 6 OATSIDE Pocket Packs (200ml), allowing you to enjoy creamy, delicious goodness wherever you may be.

*Pocket packs are not included. 

Product Highlights

Comes with a detachable cross-body strap and a front pocket. Pocket on pocket? We think YES.


Holds up to 6 OATSIDE Pocket Packs (6 x 200ml)