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Welcome to the OATSIDE of Life

  • Real

    100% Roasted Australian oats, Sulawesi cacao, and Turkish hazelnuts. 100% plant-based, no added flavors, gums, emulsifiers.

  • Sustainable

    70 % less emissions, 90% less water, and 90% less land use than dairy milk. 100% Rainforest/UTZ-certified cacao and hazelnuts.

  • Good For You

    Contains beta glucans for digestive and heart health, high in calcium, no saturated fats, lactose-free, and less sugar.

  • Delicious

    Maltier, creamier, and perfectly balanced.

Approved by Cool Bears

  • “I used to be skeptical about plant milks as they tend to overpower the coffee notes, and falls short on texture and foaming. I was really surprised when I tried OATSIDE, the barista blend is creamy and malty and yet neutral enough that the coffee character shines through.”

    Mikael Jasin, placed 4th in World Barista Championship 2019
  • “Malty and creamy, minus the thick viscosity, OATSIDE's oat milks go well with just about anything.”

    Singapore Women's Weekly
  • “With coffee, the delicate oat notes don’t mask or alter the coffee notes while it steams well to create a beautiful microfoam to deliver a stellar cup of latte. A feat that most plant milk failed to achieve.”

  • “A kid’s fave! Proudly created by a Singaporean. A really creamy (dreamy) oat milk that I have recently switched to!”

    Bella Koh, @catslavery
  • “[OATSIDE] isn’t just Singapore’s first oat milk but also one of Asia’s only “full-stack” food start-ups. [...] Operating full-stack, this allows optimal control over the oat extraction, with oats sourced from Western Australia.”

  • “We have to say, we took a blind taste test against other barista blends of oat milk and OATSIDE won by a landslide: it held its own with a creamy and rich flavour profile, and went down just as smooth on its own as it did in toasty teas like Hojicha and nuttier coffee blends.”

    Lifestyle Asia SG
  • “Chocolate lovers can try its chocolate variant, which features a dark, rich and complex blend made with 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance certified Indonesian-African cacao beans. This blend packs a chocolatey punch while eliminating the use of added flavouring.”

    Singapore Tatler
  • “I love how it has a subtle milky finish and, although not a huge caffeine drinker, it made me enjoy my cup of Joe. I do have to highlight, the creaminess gave body to my cuppa, but also took a back seat for the coffee in my latte to enjoy the centre stage.”
  • “It’s creamy and malty as hell, definitely not what I would expect from something plant-based.”

    Rice Media
  • “It’s great with a wide range of products, from latte to curry and I even added it to my fish soup and smoothies!”

  • “OATSIDE focuses on sourcing the highest quality ingredients: oat from Western Australia is chosen for its nutty, malty tasting notes to appeal to discerning palates. [...] Additionally, it has the physical quality of being frothable - something that is conspicuously absent from other plant-based milks - creating a silky, dense microfoam for latte art.”

  • “So you want to do your
    part to save the planet but hate the taste of watered down plant-based milk alternatives? Fret not, as [OATSIDE] is serious about flavor.”

  • “Coming from someone who is lactose intolerant, and has tried a lot of alternative milks, OATSIDE stands out even when compared to other nut-based milks. It has the right amount of sweetness and a smooth velvety texture that is truly satisfying.”

    Lifestyle Asia KL